Participation & Involvement

All scientific advances come about through research. Below is a sampling of the opportunities available in the Washington University community to participate in ongoing research in a variety of disciplines.

Research Participant Registry (Volunteer for Health)

The Washington University School of Medicine Research Participant Registry helps researchers find qualified study participants. The School of Medicine is one of the world's largest and most respected medical research centers, where quality and safety are top priority.

Institute for Public Health

Identifying and implementing solutions to the complex health issues facing society requires collaboration of many different disciplines and partners. Washington University's Institute for Public Health complements the efforts of other public health innovators and brings the full resources of the university to bear to help address public health issues facing the St. Louis region and the world. The Institute welcomes applications for faculty scholars and institute affiliates.

Community Service Office

The Community Service Office at Washington University aims to provide meaningful opportunities for students to volunteer their time and energy in response to voiced community needs. We understand that community service takes many forms — including volunteerism, advocacy, education and philanthropy.