Compliance & Policies

Commercial Use of WUSTL Names & Symbols

Guidelines for use of the "Washington University in St. Louis" name and other identities on commercial Web sites and other communications vehicles:

These guidelines apply to the names and symbols of the University and its entities-schools, departments, programs, offices, groups, etc.

As a rule, University names, trademarks, symbols, logos, or images should not appear on commercial Web sites or other commercial communications vehicles. The University vigorously protects its names, identity, logos and images from unauthorized use.

Any third party organization seeking to use the University's trade name or trademarks must obtain written authorization from the Washington University Office of Public Affairs. Contact information below.

At no time may the use of the University's name(s) or symbol(s) imply or state endorsement of any products or services. As a matter of practice, the University does not permit institutional endorsements of any kind through the use of its names, identities, logos or images - including pictures of campus buildings. Not-for-profit organizations that would like to use the University's name and identities also must obtain written authorization.

The complete, correct name "Washington University in St. Louis" may appear if a commercial Web site or any other communication vehicle only lists the full name of the institution in a purely informational way. For example, if a pizza store says, "We deliver to the following areas . . ." However, the complete, correct name "Washington University in St. Louis" may only appear in a list of clients that the company has served if the University has granted official authorization in writing.

Companies officially licensed to produce products using the University's names, symbols, and images through the Licensing Resource Group (LRG)-as the University's authorized agent-may use a Washington University logo on their Web sites. The logo should appear in a clearly subordinate position, preferably in a side column or toward the bottom of the page. The following statement is required directly in proximity to the logo: "Officially licensed products available here." The University director of trademark licensing must approve each and every use of the logo on such Web sites before they are activated. No University endorsement of the licensee, its products, or services may be implied or stated.


Jill Friedman, Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs, 314-935-5476, or Karen Daubert, Director of Public Affairs, licensing@wustl.edu.