Compliance & Policies

Request for Subdomain Name Protocol

  1. OFFICIAL INTERNET DOMAIN NAME: Washington University in St. Louis is a tax-exempt educational institution that uses wustl.edu as its official Internet domain name. (The university’s “top-level domain name” is wustl.edu.)
  2. DOMAIN NAME USE BY UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY: In general, all University Internet services and all information about the University available from accessing the Internet, including any of its schools, departments, divisions, centers, institutes, faculty, staff and fiscal and operating units, must use only the wustl.edu domain. (For the Policy on Website Hosting with Third-Party Service Providers, please see: http://wustl.edu/policies/webhosting.html)
  3. SUBDOMAIN NAMES: Examples of subdomain names include library.wustl.edu, engineering.wustl.edu, and studentrecords.wustl.edu. These subdomain names serve a practical, technical purpose by providing an “address” for the site. In addition, subdomain names serve as marketing and communications vehicles in conveying the identity of the group or organization or in indicating the information the site offers its visitor. Following the guidelines below will support and promote best practices concerning subdomain names that connect to, refer to, or represent the Washington University.
  4. GUIDELINES FOR SUBDOMAIN NAMES: Subdomain names should:
    • Provide access to a website that follows Washington University’s policies regarding website hosting and website design.
    • Reflect a legitimate business need of a recognized university school, department, division, institute, center, program, group or unit.
    • Have a clear and meaningful connection to the business purpose of the site. Have a clear connection to the identity or information of the site.
    • Be immediately recognizable to the visitor and avoid use of acronyms or ambiguous sets of characters.
    • Assist with search engine optimization goals as appropriate.
    • Be unique and not easily confused with other subdomain names.

Karen Daubert, executive director of brand management and university relations, Office of Public Affairs, kdaubert@wustl.edu, 314-935-8154.