Compliance & Policies

Washington University in St. Louis Speaker Policy

Please note: Taking photographs or video/audio recording a speaker is allowed only with the speaker's written permission in advance of the event. Washington University is committed to the expression of a wide diversity of ideas and opinions and to discussion of those ideas and opinions.

It is with this commitment in view that guest speakers should expect to be heard without interference from or harassment by those who oppose their views or positions; that posters, banners and other forms of expression — either in support of or in opposition to the speaker — should not be brought into the presentation area during the lecture so that an environment that is free of interference, distraction and intimidation shall be maintained. Whenever possible, a discussion period will be scheduled with the speaker during which opposing views may be shared. Groups are free to gather, to leaflet, to display posters and to distribute literature outside the building, as long as they do not obstruct entry to the presentation area or inhibit the audience from hearing the speaker.