Compliance & Policies

Advertising and Promotion Policy

Advertising and Promotion General Policies

Student organizations and University departments are encouraged to publicize and promote their activities to the University community. The following policies must be followed to effectively accommodate the numerous groups and events.

Posters, Flyers and Other Notices

  1. The following policies include bulletin boards inside and outside of Mallinckrodt Center and the Ridgley Arcarde.
  2. All posters, flyers, and other notices must clearly state the name of the student organization, the title and date of the event, and the date of posting. They may remain posted for one week prior to the event. Posting may not make any references to alcoholic beverages or other drugs. Sexist and discriminatory materials are not allowed.
  3. A maximum of two flyers per bulletin board or kiosk is allowed. Posting on top of other flyers is not allowed. Tacks and staples must be used to attached flyers to bulletin boards.
  4. Each week, on Sunday afternoons, the bulletin boards will be cleared. Current postings will be reposted. All other postings will be discarded. Event services may not be held liable for damaged or worn postings.
  5. Posters, flyers, and other notices may not be posted on walls, doors, windows, and trees, lampposts, or sidewalks.
  6. Student organizations are responsible for removing all of their publicity immediately after the event.
  7. Violations of these policies will result in materials being removed and sponsoring organizations being subjected to disciplinary action and the cost of any necessary repairs.
  8. Student Union has glass cases outside the Mallinckrodt Food Court for posting events and activities sponsored by student organizations. Please submit any postings to go into these cases to Student Union located on the garden level of the Women's Building.


  1. Event Services provides brown butcher paper for groups wanting to make their own banners for postings in Mallinckrodt Center. This paper is free of charge and can be obtained from Event Services at 304 Mallinckrodt Center. Groups wanting to use the paint sets must use their University identification as a deposit. Painting must occur on the black table outside of the Performing Arts Office on the third floor of Mallinckroadt Center. Painting on the carpet is not allowed. Groups are free to provide their own colored paper.
  2. The group may hang banners with tape from the concrete beams in Mallinckrodt Center. The banner must hang at least seven (7) feet from the floor. Banner replacement is on a first-come, first-serve basis and is monitored by the night managers. Groups may post their banners no more than one week prior to their event, and banners must be removed the day after the event. General announcement banners may be hung no longer than two weeks. If the group does not remove their banners, the night managers will remove and dispose of them in a timerly manner.
  3. Banners may not make any references to alcoholic beverages or other drugs. Sexist and discriminatory materials are not allowed. Banners may not be posted on walls, doors, windows, trees, lampposts, or sidewalks.
  4. Violations of these policies will result in banners being removed, and sponsoring orgazniations maybe subject to disciplinary action and the cost of any necessary repairs.

Mallinckrodt Center Display Tables

  1. A limited number of tables are available for groups to promote events and causes in Mallinckrodt Center. Reservations for half (1/2) table assignments are made through the Information Desk located on the main floor of Mallinckrodt Center. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Groups are assigned for no more than five consecutive days per event or cause.
  2. Group interested in fundraising by sponsoring a vendor may obtain an approved vendor list from the business manager in Student Union. If a group wishes to sponsor a vendor not on the approved list, the vendor and complete a vendor questionnaire for approval. Please contact the business manager at 935-5911 for more information.
  3. Groups wanting to sponsor vendors for fund raising must first reserve table space by completing the Table Space Reservation form at the Information Desk in Mallinckrodt Center.
  4. The group must then obtain a vendor contract from Student Union or the Information Desk. Both the vendor and an authorized University staff member must sign the agreement. Again, it is the group's responsibility to reserve table space with the Information Desk prior to obtaining the signatures on the vendor agreement.
  5. A copy of the signed vendor agreement must be submitted to the Information Desk by or before the date of the engagement. The Information Desk staff reserves the right to change table space location. A member of the sponsoring group must be present to assist vendors with obtaining and setting-up the table, and set-up of the products can occur no earlier than 9:30 a.m. Packing the products and storing the tables must occur prior to 5:00 p.m. each day. Due to limited space, vendors are prohibited from providing their own tables.
  6. It is the sole responsiblity of the group to collect payment from the vendor. A group member must be present at the end of each day of the reservation period to obtain payment. If the group has any questions or difficulty enforcing the terms of the agreement, they should immediately contact the Student Union Business Manager at 935-5911. If the group has any questions throughout this process, their advisor should be contacted for further instruction.
  7. In consideration of other building tenants, noise must be kept to a minimum. Event Services reserves the right to reduce the volume of any sound amplification to ensure the enjoyment of Mallinckroact Center for all groups and departments. Groups may not harass or interfere with the flow of traffic or other groups.
  8. Tables must be returned to the Information Desk at the end day for secure storage. Tables may only be placed on either side of the Information Desk in front of the permanently installed benches. No entrance or exit may be blocked by any tables, other furnishings or equipment. No furnishings may be removed from any space to use as part of a table space. (i.e. chairs from the Danforth Bakery, the Gargoyle, Food Court)
  9. Violations of these policies will result in suspension of display table privileges, and sponsoring organization maybe subject to disciplinary action and the cost of any necessary repairs.
  10. The office of Alumni and Development contracts with NationsBank to isse a Washington Unviersity VISA with part of the proceeds being contributed to support scholarships. Per the contract, neither the University nor any of its divisions, including student organizations, may sponsor a credit/billing card vendor. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Oak Walk Banners

  1. A limited number of spaces along Oak Walk are available to hang professionally made vinyl banners to promote events for student groups and University departments. Banner space must be reserved at least one week prior to requested installation through Event Services at 935-5234. If space allows, banners will be displayed for no more than three days prior to the event and removed the day after the event.
  2. Banners may not make any references to alcoholic beverages or other drugs. Sexist and discriminatory materials are not allowed. Banners may only be installed and removed by Maintenance employees. Event Services will contact Maintenance for installation and removal. The group or department must provide rope used to hang banners.
  3. Banners will be removed the day after the event and returned to Event Services. Banners must be claimed within three working days or the banners will be recycled. Event Services is not responsible for damanged, unreturned, or lost banners.
  4. Violations of these policies will result in a suspension of banner privileges, and sponsoring organazations maybe subject to disciplinary action and the cost of any necessary repairs.

Underpass Sections

  1. The underpass between the South Forty and the Main Campus has been divided into sections that can be painted to promote student group events. Sections may be reserved by all Student Union-registered groups on su.wustl.edu. View the full underpass-advertising policy on the Student Union website.


  1. Chalking is allowed on uncovered sidewalks. Chalking is not allowed on building walls, trees, covered sidewalks or any other surface.
  2. Table tens may be placed on tables in dining areas only with the permission of the management of Bon Appetit.