Washington University in St. Louis is committed to providing a great university experience filled with knowledge, discoveries and service. Through more than 90 programs and 1,500 courses, we help you develop intellectually, personally and professionally.

Undergraduate Admissions

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The choices and challenges are yours. Our outstanding academics cover architecture, art, arts & sciences, business and engineering — and you can explore them all because crossing academic boundaries is a Washington University specialty. You learn from faculty who care deeply about the subjects they study and the students they teach. You get a global education through your studies here and, if you choose, abroad. You can conduct ground-breaking research even as an undergraduate. Our interactive, close-knit residential areas bring learning to where you live.

Graduate & Professional Admissions

Graduate & Professional Admission

Washington University leads in the creation of new knowledge through research. As a result, our graduate and professional students — bold, independent, creative thinkers in a wide range of fields — make up more than half of our student body. As you delve into your chosen field from among the programs leading to our numerous master’s and doctoral degrees, you work closely with renowned faculty experts, develop depth and new insights, and practice your profession.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Learning is constant and lifelong. To continue your learning and professional development, we offer a range of affordable, accessible undergraduate and graduate credit and noncredit programs.

Students come from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds and bring a range of experience into the classroom. Some are new to their profession, while others bring years of experience.

Summer School

Summer School

Summer school is a four-session opportunity to study at one of the nation's best universities. If you usually have a busy schedule of work or academics but have some room in your summer, from tap dancing to statistics, summer school offers something for everyone. Just beginning your college experience? Summer school at Washington University offers a wealth of courses to help jumpstart your studies.

Summer Programs for High School Students

Summer Programs for High School Students

Through our challenging summer programs, you can meet degree requirements, explore interesting courses, or develop your skills. Special summer programs for high school students allow participants to try out college life, get a jump start on earning college credit or explore new fields of study. Smaller class sizes and a more focused study load allow for concentrated learning.

At Washington University in St. Louis, the focus is on you, our student.

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