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Bulletins & Courses

The Bulletin of Washington University in St. Louis includes information on how to earn a degree, course offerings, policies, majors and minors and more to guide students through their academic career at Washington University.

Undergraduate Bulletin (Catalog)
The Undergraduate Bulletin (Catalog) describes how to obtain an undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis, including degree requirements, programs of study, majors and minors, course descriptions, policies & regulations and faculty.

Bulletin of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Overview, admissions requirements, financial information, degree requirements, programs of study and policies.

University College Programs
Evening, summer, and special programs in Arts & Sciences: Graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs; admission requirements, financial information, student services, policies.

Summer programs in Arts & Sciences
The Summer School at Washington University has four sessions and a rich assortment of courses.

George Warren Brown School of Social Work

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

Requirements for earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in art

School of Law

Course information for the current academic year.

School of Medicine

Admissions, educational program, graduate programs, teaching and research divisions and programs, register of students, all faculty.

Olin Business School

Visit Olin Business School for a catalog, course listing and other information about any of the school's 12 degree and nondegree programs.


Students can review academic records, change address or phone information, review course listings, register for classes.

Course Listings

A master list of all courses offered at Washington University and a list of courses offered by particular semesters.